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We hired interns and displaced workers from other industries, ambitious and scrappy types who had not gotten the chance to shine. Then we trained them on the job and gave them increasing decision-making authority. The results were inspiring: Emerge Digital Group revenue accelerated greatly, but equally dramatic was the transformation of workers into cutting-edge digital advertising professionals in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Helping almost anyone get a job and succeed in technology, especially if they wanted to, I realized, was possible.

My tech brethren, or the ones who run the biggest companies there at least, disagree. Increasing the number of H1B visas is their common position. Already, Washington hands out 65, of these visas to specialist workers and another 20, to graduate students every year. Now Silicon Valley heavyweights are lobbying Washington for even more waivers. In a letter dated November 14, a lobbying group whose members included Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, and Google urged President-elect Donald Trump to increase the number.

You can bet the pitch was similar. Their economic argument, that the industry suffers from a shortage of workers, is false and misleading. Big tech companies take advantage of the H1B program to drive their bottom line.

The law permits companies to lay off their own employees in favor of foreign workers doing the work in the states or overseas. Think about that. The law does more than look the other way at firms that hire foreign workers instead of American citizens; it allows companies to ditch their own employees so they can hire foreign nationals. Remember the recent story about laid-off Disney workers who were forced to train their foreign replacements? Not surprisingly, tech firms use the provision to their advantage.

In lateMicrosoft laid off 21, workers. In SeptemberHewlett Packard announced it was cutting 25, to 30, workers. That was on top of the 55, jobs it slashed the year before. Another problem with the H1B program is the law rewards companies for outsourcing their training programs. Outsourcing firms operate an almost pyramid-like system: they bring foreign nationals to the United States, who then learn the jobs of American citizens.

Then these foreign workers return home overseas. Many times, the best workers in India arrive in a tech-friendly city such as Seattle, learn the ins and outs of their host company, fly back to the subcontinent to run a call center or IT department, and train their workers with the skills they learned in the United States. To be sure, this is capitalism at work, something I support as an entrepreneur.

h1b india reddit

But it has gone too far. Allowing companies to outsource their training programs and lay off their own employees in favor of keeping cheap foreign labor undermines our visa program.

As a result, the H1B program does not foster or give priority to American job growth over the long run. We can do this. I did already, and with a little courage and imagination, Washington could spread these benefits to the nation as a whole.

Chase Norlin is the CEO of Transmosisan organization founded by Silicon Valley Technology Entrepreneurs, dedicated to the research and application of technology to strengthen the American workforce.People-to-people ties have been one of the defining elements of our friendship, Mr Jaishankar said.

Pitching strongly for H-1B visa holders, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday reiterated the significant contribution made by movement of persons in a fair and non-discriminatory manner to the deepening of bilateral ties between India and the United States.

Looking forward to working with the US side to nurture and sustain these ties, Mr Jaishankar said the two countries have agreed to take steps to promote better understanding and awareness around among each other's stakeholders who are connected at multiple levels. He also praised Secretary Pompeo for reiterating the US governments support to the Chhabahar project, which he said will immensely benefit Afghanistan. Referring to the ongoing negotiations on the subject of trade, he exuded confidence that they will find a balanced outcome that satisfies both sides.

Mike Pompeo said that the United States and India are working on a fair and reciprocal trade deal.

Don't Give Silicon Valley More H1B Visas

That is great for the United States and it is great for India as well. I am especially proud of how we are pursuing a common vision for the region with allies and partners," he said. Follow Us:. Listen to the latest songsonly on JioSaavn.All rights reserved.

Indian Family Visited Delhi For H-1B Visa Renewal. Now They're Stuck Here

For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. NRIs in News. NRI Real Estate. NRI Investments. NRI Tax. Forex and Remittance. Visa and Immigration. Working Abroad. More Returning to India. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Ishani Duttagupta.

The issues faced by H4 dependent kids have been grossly underrepresented by both the Indian and US governments and the IT firms in both countries. Jahnavi began school in the US and, later when her father moved back to India between andhe enrolled her in a Mumbai school. Postshe was once again studying in the US.

h1b india reddit

Two years ago, when Jahnavi applied for college admissions, she realised that unlike most of her classmates, she was not entitled to any of the scholarships that American students can apply for.

Family members — spouse and unmarried children — of an H-1B worker are admitted to the US in the H4 category. Jahnavi has now joined a second major in management information systems along with her pre-medical undergraduate course at the University of Georgia.

What Is H-1B Visa? 10 Points You Need To Know

Skilled Indian immigrants in green card queues foresee long waits going up to even 30 years or more in some cases. And she could end up in the same green card queue as her parents, but many years behind them.

His two sons, Jyothik Addala in the ninth grade and Sai Addala in the twelfth, are keen to study medicine and become doctors.All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service.

h1b india reddit

NRIs in News. NRI Real Estate. NRI Investments. NRI Tax.

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Forex and Remittance. Visa and Immigration. Working Abroad. More Returning to India. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Priyanka Sangani. The Indian IT industry could suffer from delays in grant of work visas by the US in due to lack of clarity in the new registration process that kicks off in April, according to immigration attorneys who also expect the uncertainty to increase as Donald Trump seeks a second term in November. The agency will then select which of the registered candidates can apply for the visa.

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Indian nationals are the biggest beneficiaries of the H-1B visas, which the US issues to get highly qualified professionals to work in the country.

Since Trump became President on the back of anti-immigration rhetoric, the US has consistently declined more visas to employees of Indian software exporters — who used the work permit to send professionals to the US on client projects — and has instead favoured US technology companies such as GoogleFacebook and Apple.

Inthere were only two Indian companies among the top ten visa recipients, which got 1, visas compared with 8, for the other eight firms. This has forced Indian IT firms to be more cautious while filing their applications, resulting in an increased cost.

They are also preparing to deal with increased scrutiny. If the Trump administration goes ahead with its plan, US companies will be impacted as several families could decide to move back to India. The US may also bring in new rules that would reduce the time allowed for a foreign student who pursues science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM to work in the US. Read more on H1B visa. Apple Inc. Donald Trump. Follow us on. Download et app.

Become a member. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Fill in your details: Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed. Share this Comment: Post to Twitter.H-1B visa is employment-based and helps US companies to hire foreign workers in high-skilled jobs. The H-1B visa is employment-based and helps US companies to hire foreign workers for high-skilled jobs.

An employer must offer the job and apply to the US immigration department for the H-1B visa on behalf of the candidate.

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It was intended to help American firms deal with labour shortages in rapidly growing jobs that require specialised skills, such as in software programming, research and engineering. An H-1B visa holder can stay for three to six years, seek permanent residency in the US and can buy or sell property.

The H-1B visa cap is currently 65, and an additional 20, visas are granted to employees with master's degrees from American universities. If the number of applications is more than the set limit, the government conducts a "lottery" to decide who gets to stay. Every year, 6, visas are reserved for workers from Chile and Singapore in keeping with their free trade agreements with the US. What Is H-1B Visa? The programme was launched in by then President George Bush.

The company that wants to hire the candidate foots the bill. Last year, the US received overpetitions for H-1B visas. Follow Us:. Listen to the latest songsonly on JioSaavn.President Trump promised to tighten H-1B visa programme to generate more jobs for Americans. The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in areas that need theoretical or technical expertise.

Thousands of Indian and Chinese workers are employed under the H-1B visa scheme every year. The work visa is issued for three to six years to employers to hire a foreign worker. About 65, visas are allowed annually and an additional 20, visas are given to those who have an advanced or Master's degree from universities in the US. Additionally, H-1B workers who are petitioned for or employed at an institution of higher education or its affiliated or related non-profit entities, non-profit research organisations or government research organisations are not subject to this cap.

Successful applicants who will be allotted the H-1B visa will be able to work in the US from October 1, While the H-1B was earlier granted for three years, extendable for another three, the USCIS has suggested that now the tenure may be reduced. However, the applications by Indian companies are likely to face a greater scrutinyand just like in the previous years, Indian companies will have to pay more per application compared to those from other countries.

The successful applicants, who will appear before American embassies and consulates for visa interviews and stamping on their passports, will have to be ready with details of their social media profiles, emails and phone numbers used in the last five years.

Since taking charge in Januarythe Trump administration has been talking of reforms in the H-1B visa scheme.

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The USCIS said that the tougher visa issuance will protect American workers by combating fraud in the country's employment-based immigration programmes.

Employers who abuse the H-1B visa program may negatively affect US workers, decreasing wages and opportunities as they import more foreign workers," it said. Expecting a huge rush of applicants and greater scrutiny of all petitions, which is going to be a time-consuming process, the USCIS has temporarily suspended premium processing.

This service allowed applicants to fast-track the process from the usual three to six months to just over two weeks by paying an additional fee. India was followed by China withpetitions during the same period.

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h1b india reddit

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows the US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. The technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China. Economic experts fear massive layoffs in various sectors of the American economy due to the current economic distress that is only going to deteriorate in coming weeks and months. Even as the peak of coronavirus in the US is some two weeks away, millions of people in the US have already lost their jobs.

Those on H-1B visas are not eligible to unemployment benefits. They are also not entitled to the social security benefits, even though there is deductions from their salary for this purpose.


Initial reports suggest that quite a number of H-1B employees are being laid off. In some cases, companies have already informed their H-1B employees that they are on top of the list of being fired. As such, the H-1B visa holders have started a petition campaign on the White House website to extend the timeline for their stay in the US after they are being laid off.

The economic conditions may have a significant impact on H1B workers, the petition says. They must find new work within 60 days; otherwise, they have to leave the country," the petition said. H-1B workers cater to the economy at large, mainly supporting the IT Industry with high tax contributions," the petition says.

A total ofCOVID cases have been reported across more than countries and territories with 37, deaths reported so far. America has the highest number of cases with a total ofreported infections, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Highlights They have demanded extension of permissible post-job loss limit Economic experts fear massive layoffs in various sectors A record 3.

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