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Anyone can have a great idea. But turning an idea into a viable business is a different ballgame. Take it from me: as someone who has founded several startup companies, I know what it takes to be successful in this space.

Before you start seeking legal advice, renting office space, or forming an LLC, you need to put your thoughts on paper. This will help you stay organized and focused. You can use this business plan template that will help guide you through structuring your business plan in the proper way. Save your business plan progress in one place across all the document apps you use.

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First, it gives you a much better understanding of your business. Instead, identify who you are and when you plan on going into business.

Where will this business operate? Is your company local, regional, national, or international? This is an opportunity for you to gain a better understanding of your startup. The company summary forces you to set clear objectives.

The type of company you have and how you will operate should be obvious to anyone who reads it. Include the reasons for going into business. A reason for opening could be that you identified that no other restaurants in the area serve the cuisine you specialize in. This section should be pretty concise and no more than three or four paragraphs. One of the first steps to launching a successful business is clearly identifying the target market of your startup.

This is arguably the most important part of launching a startup company. All too often I see entrepreneurs rush into a decision because they fall in love with an idea. To figure out your target market, start with broad assumptions and slowly narrow it down. Typically, the best way to segment your audience is using these four categories:. As I said earlier, start broadly. For example, you may start by saying your target market lives in North America, and then narrow it down to the United States.

But as you continue going through your market research, you can get even more specific. You can target customers living in New England, for example. Your business plan should talk about the research you conducted to identify this market.

Talk about the data you collected from surveys and interviews. In addition to researching your target market, you need to conduct a competitive analysis as well.

startup write for us

Nobody knows about you. Your differentiation strategy could involve your price and quality.Are you a passionate, talented writer or expert who wants to share your story?

We believe in the power of sharing your passions, interests, and diverse experiences. Write for us! OUR PURPOSE is to promote diverse voices and perspectives not only through the people and stories we cover, but also through the voices we are highlighting and seeking out.

We support body-positivity and sex-positivity, women's equality, women's right to choose, and feminism in and out of the workplace.

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We embrace women of all sizes and ages. We support women being their best selves. Stories are written with a positive spin; we approach topics as fans, not critics. Parenting essays and hacks. First-hand fitness experiments. Beauty product reviews and tutorials.

Can you write off start up costs on taxes?

Insightful personal essays. Gen Z and Millennial nostalgia. Actionable life tips. Shopping guides. Relationshipweddingor birth stories. TV or movie theories. To submit your story to our team, click here! Please submit your post only once. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 30 days. We ask that members submit a full draft for our editors to review in the Submissions section on the dashboard.

Our editors are constantly reviewing submissions, so you should receive a notification within 30 days of completing a submission, of whether your story has been accepted or not. Topics Our Readers Love. Parenting essays and hacks First-hand fitness experiments Beauty product reviews and tutorials Insightful personal essays Gen Z and Millennial nostalgia Actionable life tips Shopping guides Relationshipweddingor birth stories TV or movie theories Creative, relatable listicles on any topic.

Be honest and authentic, and let your personality come through in your writing. Your story should always provide a service to your reader.Who else wants to become a guest blogging rock star? We all know, Google slapped lots of blog networks and websites that were selling paid kind of links or were over optimized. Lots of link building techniqueswhich were working in the past, may not work any more in present or future.

But guest blogging is here to stay for long. Use This Guest Posting Tool I created this list because it was so difficult to find good blogs to guest post on. Recently I found GuestPostTracker. It has the most up to date list of blogs that you can submit guest posts to on the internet and the software lets you track all of your submissions. In case you are unaware about SEO benefits of guest blogging, read this guest post by Jonathan. There can be many more solid and logical reasons due to which website owners and bloggers decide to go for guest blogging.

Why you have decided to use guest blogging, please share in the comments section. Recommended: Find list of more fashion blogs especially from India here. Hands down, the topic you choose for your guest post is what makes or breaks your guest posting success.

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So spend quality time in coming up with rock solid guest post ideas and here are few quick tips for you! Think like a reader: Before start writing your guest post, make sure to analyze the blog audience so that you can easily find out what type of content works for them.

Do some quick research around the blog: You can go through the archive page or popular posts section of the blog where you want to guest post. That way you can come up with some topic ideas where you can add some unique angle to get your guest posts accepted.

You can use Quora to find popular and most trending questions around your niche to come up with topic ideas for your guest posts. To write a guest post that goes viral online, you need to do extensive research. Use Google search strings smartly: If you want to find sites that accept guest posts in your industry, you can use the following search terms to look for sites which accept guest posts.

Read guest post guidelines: Before writing a guest post for any website, you must know what kind of content they publish and what guest posting guidelines they follow. So make sure to go through the guest posting guidelines before you even pitch your guest posts to someone.Trying to make it through each day and keep your employees on payroll?

You're in good company. Mentors can do more harm than good by feeding into the "Do More Faster" stereotype. This code of ethics will help you offer good, actionable advice. Feeling mentally fuzzy? A scientist explains the mechanics of why you're struggling to think straight during the pandemic. They embrace the entrepreneur's contradiction: Balancing an unjustifiable confidence in the future with a cold, hard view of the present.

Entrepreneurs take note: The home-gardening business is booming and could have staying power. Both low-tech and high-tech companies are getting a boost during the pandemic. You've sacrificed a lot.

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Now it's time for more. Remote work is here to stay. Here's how to make sure it doesn't suck. Harvard's Steven Pinker breaks down why so many entrepreneurs are fighting with customers over masks. Before adding more to your team's toolbox, reflect on these points. This productivity expert argues it's even more important to take a vacation or staycation in crazy times. The workflow automation tool's secret formula is a blend of data and intuition.

Building the right mindset is important in creating a great business model. Gaining clarity in direction will set you on the right course of action. Here's what separates the top salespeople from everyone else. If you're in search of more room, a lower cost of living, or even some quick cash for a new startup, these cities would like to make you an offer.Business Magazine providing opportunity to submit a guest post into our website.

These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so that they can start, grow business and their financial situations. Write for us to get Expand your outreachPromote your Business, Linkbuilding and much more. Submitted articles should raise awareness and inspire or inform the reader.

They should encourage the reader to take action and support business success. Please note we will not accept links to Essay Writing, drug-related, gambling, payday loans or adult websites. We are selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well written, interesting, unique and informative.

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We like lists and tutorials and advice for small business. Finally, all links in the post should be to relevant and quality websites. Please include an author byline. We appreciate you linking back to your post in your future articles — so please write something worth linking to. July 14, Starting a brand new business usually requires the expenditure of money on things.

Luckily, you can take a startup cost deduction to limit your tax bill. Once your business begins, you can deduct the cost of all such items as business expenses. These business startup costs are capital expenses. These are the costs that you incur to get an asset a business that will benefit you for more than one year. Then, you can deduct the rest, if any, in equal amounts over the next 15 years. E Diana Drudge is sick of her office job. She decides to start a fashion design business.

Her business finally starts on July 1, If you buy a computer for your business and use it exclusively for your business, you can normally deduct the entire cost. If you use it more than 50 percent of the time for business, you can still deduct the costs.

Some costs related to opening a business that are not considered start-up expenses. Many of these costs are still deductible, but different rules and restrictions apply.

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The largest expense many home business people incur before they start their businesses is for inventory. That is, buying the goods or the materials to make them that they will sell to customers. For example, if you decide to start an eBay business selling items you buy at flea markets, you would treat the items you purchase for resale as inventory.

You deduct the cost of inventory as it is sold or if it becomes unsaleable.

startup write for us

Long-term assets are things you buy for your business that will last for more than one year. This includes computers, office equipment, cars, and machinery.

Long-term assets you buy before your business begins are not considered part of your startup costs. Instead, you must treat these purchases like any other long-term asset you buy after your business begins. You must either depreciate the item over several years or deduct the cost in one year under Section The tax law includes a special category for research and development expenses.

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These are costs a business incurs to discover something new in the laboratory or experimental sense. This could be a new invention, formula, prototype, or process. These costs include laboratory and computer supplies, salaries, rent, utilities, other overhead expenses, and equipment rental.

This applies even if you incur the costs before the business begins operations. Costs you incur to form a partnership, limited liability companyor corporation is technically not part of your startup costs. Yet, the rule for deducting these costs is the same as for start-up expenses.

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Expenses that were startup expenses before your business began become currently deductible business operating expenses. For example, supplies you purchase after your business starts are currently deductible operating expenses. But, supplies you buy before your business begins are startup expenses. So, just when does a new business begin? The courts have held that a new business begins for tax purposes when it starts to function as a going concern. It also must start performing the activities for which it was organized.Having a story to share on your website is a great way to attract new customers.

Remember that people choose to hire professionals that 1 They like, 2 they trust, and 3 they feel like they know. Writing an effective description for your small business is easier than you think. Follow our simple guide to create your own small business description in less than 20 minutes. Starting with a simple outline is the best way to begin telling your small business story. Tell us what you stand for so people can better identify with your business. Are you interesting in Fair Trade?

Social Justice? Locally sourced? Adopting and communicating your business philosophy within your main business description will help distinguish you from your competitors.

People love to rally around a good cause, so give people a reason to rally around your business. People love passionate business owners.

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Tell people about the work your company gets excited about doing. Your audience likes a good founding story. Give your customers a little taste of your a-ha moment. Chances are most of them will relate, start to see you as a person, and build a connection. Sample: I started this business because I was tired of drinking crappy, overpriced coffee and I believed there had to be a better way. Incorporate your future goals or how you see your company changing into your business story.

These details round out your story into a fuller picture of where your business started and your vision for the future. Tip: Anything goes here, offer a free consultation if they fill out your form, tell them to call you, or tell them to stop by. We have all the pieces needed to make a powerful business description for your website. Simply combine all your elements into one cohesive paragraph.

startup write for us

We believe in only sourcing ethically farmed beans, roasting them in house, and serving fresh coffee to our customers at a fair price. We specialize in working directly with farmers to create sustainable partnerships.

In fact, we recently helped construct a new coffee farm in Ecuador. We love coffee, and our passion is brewed into every cup.


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