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UOSteam: Lumberjacking, Cross Harvest

Evolution "The Game has Evolved" www. UO Evolution Custom Shard www. Ultima Online - Fishing - UO Steam Script Macro This macro will fish a target location and cut the fish into steaks then organize your bags so all the junk will be in a bag and the fish steaks go to your fishing bag. Code: [Select]. Auto Heal Pets Code: [Select].

March 12,PM. March 13,PM. Heals 2 pets. Heals Lowest pet as long as it is within 1 tile. March 17,PM. Smilingdeath Sr.

UO Outlands: Gate macro guide (made on the fly)

Here is a site that I use for some UOSteam macros, sometimes they need a little tweaking for this server though. April 12,AM. I'm really picky about my targeting system, so I made this alternate tab-target style macro.

I like to tame things, explore new areas, and craft. November 06,PM.

uosteam crossheal

Train Carpentry - UOS Macro I decided to post this handy script i wrote, it trains carpentry from 30 to fully automated. All you need is a bag with boards and ingots, at least 50 tinkering, and at least 1 tinker tool in you backpack. At some point the macro starts crafting "ballot box", which come deeded. Discord - UOS Macro This is a macro that I crafted, basically it asks for target to discord, it will follow until that target has been discorded then ask for new target: Code: [Select].

SMF 2. Page created in 0.Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Pet healing and Command script. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Thanks for the Script Cormac.

Every once in a great while I have an issues. I just close out all the way an restart euo. Yeah and funny thing was all i did was log out of UO and log back in and it was fine.

UOsteam heal or cure macro

Many of the scripts and programs for free sever UO are no longer being supported uosteam as an example or uo automap. There are those of us that love our favorites and try to keep them going. Thankfully The crew over at EUO maintain the main engine each time OSI 's name of the week is patches things to break it that way the new content is exclusive for at least a while.

Many of the things have not made the cross over even after a few years the scripting would be prohibitive in the time required. The server run uo has not been updated in quite sometime as the guy behind it has to many real life things to do. I do so little scripting myself anymore that like my Farsi and Spanish can only remember the bad words and have no plans to do enough to relearn much.

At least you know a foreign language i took french in high school but couldn't tell you one word from another except maybe one or two. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Copyright ParadiseFoundUO.To access the macro function, click on the Main Menu on the menu selection bar and select Macros.

Most macros are relatively easy to create. Simple ones are created with four parts:. The options are unlimited. Scroll through this box to view the actions available, of click on the list name to get a drop down of all available lists. For a full list of actions available, their function and how to use them see the sample macros below or Actions.

Actions may be used in macros, or as stand alone commands. For example:. Note: you could also use Cursor Target Stored and click on yourself with the target cursor that this action brings up.

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When using this targeting, the existing target setting is visually displayed in a small triangle located on the bottom left of the icon so you can see at a glance what option is set. Sample Macros. The Macro possibilities in EC are unlimited. I have given a graphic and step by step instruction of what should go into the command line for these macros. Click OK to create the macro.

This is explained under Template Creation. However, it is up to you which method you prefer. The main thing is to be consistent in whichever method you elect to use. A considerable number of graphic options were added in publish 86 to allow you to better identify your destination.

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A small example is pictured. Last modified: October 1, Very helpful information and nicely presented. Thank You for this information. You must be logged in to post a comment.Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Filters. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Advanced search… Search.

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Thread starter jaedan Start date Oct 24, General Information Up to date as of Jan. Skill gain on Outlands works a bit differently than many other servers. Each skill is divided into brackets of 5 points worth of skill - so, etc. Each bracket is given an expected number of uses of the skill to gain through the bracket, which determines the chance to gain per attempt. This is just an expected number - gains are still random and will vary around the expectation.

As long as you have some chance to fail and some chance to succeed, your skill gain rate is determined entirely by the bracket you are currently in. Again, which spell you cast or which item you craft, as long as you have some chance to fail and some chance to succeed, does not change skill gain rate. There are no location based bonuses to skill gain except the newbie Dungeon. You'll gain at the same rate in a dungeon, in town, or in your house.

There is also no bonus to skill gain from being well fed.

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There are a lot of skills, so it helps to group them into categories. Time-based skills are designed to take a certain amount of time to raise, assuming you are using the skill as often as possible. Resource-based skills are designed to consume a certain number of resources.

The resource-based skills are the crafting and magic skills. The time-based skills are the harvesting, combat, and on-use skills. The time-based skills can be further categorized into 3 groups - easy, medium, and hard.

Easy skills are designed to take 80 hours of constant use to go from 0 to Medium skills should take about hours, and hard skills should take about hours. These numbers are without the 5x bonus, so under the bonus it is 16, 24, and 32 hours of constant use.At this point in the Client Options you should see the path to your client if not, repeat the process. Remove encryption: This check is always enabled if you want to play in the freeshards. Port: Here indicated, however, the port number of which benefits the shard you want to connect.

Start: Clicking this button will open the game screen where you enter your username and password. Search for Updates: By clicking this button you can check for any new program updates things that, I think, also takes place automatically when the launcher. General This tab contains functions for the general management of the game. Light: filters the sun goes down and then always have light.

Sounds: filters the sounds of the game no more animal noises, footsteps, screams, spells, etc. Music: filters out background music no more melodies. Seasons: Weathers: filters the weather no more rain, snow, etc. Death: filters the view when you die no more black and white things so to speak. Trade window: filters the trade window between you and another player you will not see more. Veteran rewards: filters the selection window of the veteran rewards you will not see more.

Fame messages: filters the messages that you report the loss or acquisition of fame you will not see more. Karma messages: filters the messages that you report the loss or acquisition of karma you will not see more. Snooping messages: filters messages that indicate if someone is trying to open a backpack or that of someone close to you you will not see more. Repeated messages: filters the messages repeated in a fast sequence, for example, if you hold down the button to cast a spell and tells you the time that you are already by casting you will not see more.

Other speech color:. Light: Used to adjust the brightness of the game. Move the lever to the left to make it darker, right for the opposite. Opacity: It is to decide the opacity of the program window. Move the lever to the left to make it more transparent, right the opposite. Negotiate features with server: Some shard require that this option is enabled in order to moderate some of the functions of the program.

Minimize to system tray: When you put in the window icon of UOS, will end up on the bar near the clock. Save passwords: Used to store the password of your account of course not visible. From this moment on, your password is saved, to enter the shard you simply enter the username in the gump to access the game. Profiles: Lets you create profiles for each of your character. Each profile will save preferences, options, macro, etc. In the window that appears type the name you want to assign to the new profile C1.

And login in the game with the pg Load the profile that you want to connect to pg Click the icon chain, it should become red in the center. General In this sub-tab are the functions of general utility. Commands prefix: Used to define the symbol that precedes the commands to launch game for example -ping to know the latency between you and the server. Basic is the indent: —.April 18,AM. Home Help Login Register. Please login or register.

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UO Evolution Community Help! Need help. How to kill rend? Author Topic: Need help. Read times. January 18,PM. Been trying to kill Rend for at aleast an hour now.

Anyone else able to kill him? He one shots me or nearly one shots me everytime. I cant cast natures fury or any other summonables fast enough to keep him occupied. And I cant heal my pets fast enough to keep them alive. There are 3 rends from what I seen in Labrynth now, isnt there only suppose to be one? Kinda makes Labrynth pointless because theres not even anything in there worth all the trouble that I know of. I just want to tame a reptalon.

Blackmamba Jr. Lure the raptalon and the other spawn away from one another with hiding. Peacemake the rend and begin taming. Get some clothes and parry augments on your kas or mage armor and shield of spikes augment on your shield. That's the only way to go pretty much. Generally it's nice to have health so you can survive the initial burst, this will let you leech some life back with a retaliation hit of your own.

Some spells that can improve your life leech would be the necromancy spells "Curse Weapon" and "Vampiric Embrace".Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. This section is still subject to moderation. That being said, I'm looking for answers to the following questions: Wheres the donation store? How is the population on the server? It seems active at brit gate, but seems a little more dead.

UOsteam heal or cure macro

What pvp guilds are currently running around? Who is leading pvp? What pvp guild is more about enjoying the game and less about never losing? Do bile, xavier, jim and all those ragebabies still play? Thanks in advance. Made In Quebec wrote: Some people's pleasure are sticking vegetables up their asses.

While it's not my personal cup of tea, they can do as they please, since it's their asshole's. I find this quite entertaining. Toke likes this. TokeTempest and zulu like this.

uosteam crossheal

As to PvP guilds, they all had their greatness at one time but guilds and their players relations are super fragile. Hz might be populous but it remained like this because they like being resilience, thanks to the leader that is smart and responsible. We are being often outnumbered, although it's easy because the enemies don't consist of a single guild. The first ReQs were leftovers from Qing, now after all this time I wish the fall of Qing would never happen. The newer members come from KvG that has fallen a few months ago.


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